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Beyond the call centre

Anand Giridharadas, India Calling What does it feel like to be both inside and outside a culture? When Anand Giridharadas moved to Bombay after being raised in the US, he found that he had to reassess his understanding of a country he had always viewed from afar and through the eyes of an Indian American. … Continue reading


Cooking for a better world

Christina Julius write this article for her blog during the travel writing course. Nice work!

Epitaph project

This ongoing project will record the graves in the cemetery of the Church of St John in the Wilderness, a nineteenth-century British garrison church just outside McLeodganj, Dharamshala. The tombstones, which date from the mid-nineteenth century to the present day, form an important record of the history of the area, but with age and the … Continue reading

Moonpeak Magazine No. 4

Around Rajasthan in an Ambassador

“There are no rules!” by Nick Melzer Khan was small, plain, and modest – a near polar opposite of the vast, grandiose, and relentlessly colourful land we were driving through, Rajasthan. His light brown complexion, wispy white beard, close-cropped grey hair, flat white hat and quiet confidence gave him away as a Muslim, though he … Continue reading

Photography course: portraits

The second workshop of the current course focused on portraiture, with an early morning session at the McLeodganj main square. Students Ian Bell and Christina Julius and instructors Angus and Ashwini photographed chai sellers, bread vendors, porters, students waiting for the school bus, and other characters to be found at this busy spot. The work is … Continue reading

Photography course: field trip to Church of St. John in the Wilderness