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Kaushik Barua on Windhorse

Kaushik Barua’s first novel Windhorse is a fictional account of the Tibetan armed struggle against China. Through the lives of two Tibetans – one born in Tibet and witness to Chinese atrocities, and another, born in exile – he tells a modern tale of identity crisis that many young exile Tibetans face today, and of … Continue reading


Better Gun than God

By Bhuchung d. Sonam When a posse of the occupying People‚Äôs Liberation Army shot dead his root lama in the middle of the Kyichu River on 10 March 1959, Jedung Jampel Lekmon joined a small underground resistance group in Gyangtse, a strategic town in central Tibet. His group soon joined Chushi Gangdruk and engaged in … Continue reading

Remembering Dorjila

He was simply known as Dorjila, and when he died in the early hours of Thursday morning, not many knew his full name or how old he was. His presence in the corridors of the Tibetan Children’s Village School for the past three decades had been taken for granted. He never missed a day of … Continue reading