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Classic camera: mid-1950s Certo Six

  To make pictures with Certo Six, pictured above, use this simple process; Point your camera at the subject of your choice, decide what to include in the frame, use a hand-held light meter to determine settings for correct settings on your camera, do a mental calculation to change the suggested settings according to the … Continue reading

Shooting by candlelight

There have been several candlelight vigils in Dharamshala marking a series of recent self-immolations in Tibet to protest Chinese rule. Covering these events presents particular challenges to the photographer. Here is some advice on how to photograph under such low light conditions.   Use fast lenses preferably with maximum apertures of f1.8 or larger. Usually … Continue reading

Why you don’t need an SLR to take great pictures

MIRRORLESS IMAGES For almost a decade, the digital SLR has been king. But while the current offerings from Nikon, Canon and Sony are almighty machines, the convergence of format has tended to constrain style. Pictures made with the same kind of camera will all, to some degree, look a bit the same. Here and in … Continue reading

Is the Mamiya 7ii the best camera in the world?

It’s not digital. It’s not autofocus. It’s made of nasty plastic. And yet.┬áIt costs less than half your top Canon or Nikon, and its image quality blows them out of the water. How does it do it, and what, exactly, is it? The Mamiya 7ii is that rarest of beasts, a medium format rangefinder. To … Continue reading