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Moonpeak welcomes contributions from talented writers and photographers on the subjects that are of interest to us. Submissions should be about 1,000 words (we can be flexible about this) but most importantly, they must be on a subject and in a style that fits with the rest of the blog. Please read a number of posts carefully and look through the category list to get a good idea of what we are likely to publish. Mostly we’re interested in articles about India and Tibet, and Dharamshala in particular, unless it’s for the travel or photography sections. Even with travel and photography, the closer the subject matter is to Dharamshala, the better its chances of being published. For example, we’re very interested in stories from the Himalayas, less so in ones from Finland. However, if your story is particularly unusual, adventurous, funny, or just extremely well written, we’ll consider it for the travel section, no matter what it’s about. Photos should be in jpeg format, saved at 72 dpi and measure 1,000 pixels along the long edge. Please send your submissions to moonpeak@gmail.com. We look forward to hearing from you!



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